Content marketing and design

The essence to exclusive alcoholic products is the long history of the brand and/or the storage time of the products it self. Since Gin does not have a particularly long storage time (2 – 5 years) I chosen to create a concept that is losely based on history to give the product added value.

A.O. Vinje is considered to be a essential part of Norwegian history. Allowing him be depicted on the Norwegian 50 kroner bill. Aasmund Olafson Vinje (1818 to 1870) was a Norwegian author and journalist. Vinje was one of the first after Ivar Aasen who actively use of the Norwegian national language, and the first who consistently used the dialect (nynorsk written) in prose. He was a pioneer in Norwegian journalism and a renowned author. 
In his youth A.O. Vinje worked as a shepherd on the local farms to earn money for school. But he also made a income by brewing illigal spirits. A.O. Vinje was an active mountain hicker and gave name to the famous mountain range Jotunheimen whitch is the highest mountains in northern Europe.
Gin (Latin: Juniperus communis) Gin is a spirit flavored with juniper berries and can be stored in wooden barrels for aging.

The Design:

I use materials that is true to the time and place A.O. Vinje lived. The box is covered with juniper bushe veneer. The inside of the box is covered in dark gray wool. The bottle has a modern shape with a cap made of juniper wood and silver. The design of the label is engraved and added bronze and gold to lift the text from the clear, transparent background. The typography of the main logo is a modern remake of old Norwegian typography dating back to the Viking age. On the front of the bottle one of A.O. Vinje`s most famous poems is engraved.

Livet strøymer paa meg, som det strøymde naar under Snjo eg saag det grøne Straa. Eg drøymer no, som fyrr eg altid drøymde naar slike Fjøll eg saag i Lufti blaa. Eg gløymer Dagsens Strid, som fyrr eg gløymde, naar eg mot Kveld af Sol eit Glimt fekk sjaa. Eg finner vel eit Hus, som vil meg hysa, naar Soli heim mot Notti vil meg lysa.