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who am i:

With more than fifteen years of industry experience. in both strategic and operational marketing. I have a keen eye for commercial thinking. Finding the key components in your brand that will make it stand out and translate positive to your target audience. Choosing the right communication channel to maximize ROI. See new opportunities within your brand to facilitate growth.

For me design is just a tool to optimize a well planned communication strategy.

“People are emotional, If the formulation of text, design and choice of media are carefully selected to meet the target audience. You will have a successful communication concept. then it’s no longer a question of price, quality or brand recognizability. The target audience will feel that this product/service is the right choice for them!”

I have a bachelor’s degree in communication design from RMIT, in Melbourne, and certificate diploma in graphic design from NKF, in Oslo.

I have executed marketing projects and product launches for renowned international brands such as Playstation, Nissan and Coca Cola. I do art direction, packaging design, identity design, ad campaigns, web design, 3D design, brochures, point-of-sale material, communications consulting, business development. Some of the brands I have worked with over the last fifteen years are; Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Doro, Nissan, Mazda, Canon, LG, Coca Cola, Findus, Haribo, Berthas, Tine, Libresse, Microsoft, Playstation, Telia, Obos, amedia, Røde kors, Specsavers, Jordan


“Its not what you say it is, its what they say it is” – Marty Neumeier




#Communication concepts, #Branding and product identity, #Project coordination, #Creative marketing, #art direction, #graphic design, #Project managing, #Packaging design

Norway (Oslo/ Buskerud) – Philippines (Manila) – Australia (Melbourne)



Want to know more about me?

In my spare time i enjoy building boats, repairing cars and spending time with my family. in 2014 i built a fifty foot boat to live on for my family and I. Here are some links and article about me, my family and my work.


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