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who am i:

My name is Espen and I am a Art director from Norway. I live on the boat m/s Nautilus with my family (daughter, wife and our dog Josefine). I have a bachelor’s degree in communication design from RMIT, in Melbourne, industry experience as a designer, art director and project manager.

My career started in 2003 as a marketing consultant / retail manager for Nokia’s new major investment, the N-gage project. Since then I have executed marketing projects and product launches for renowned international brands such as Playstation, Nissan and Coca Cola.

For the better part of the past 15 years, quality control of branding and communications design has been a important part of my work. And with a background in B2B sales and project management I have a unique insight to develop communication concepts whit the bigger picture in mind.

Throw my work as a graphic designer and later as a art director I learned the importance of optimizing marketing strategies to assure the quality of every part of the process. From the choice of marketing channels, down throw the development of the actual communication. Last but not least the most important thing, how it translate to the target audience!


“Its not what you say it is, its what they say it is” – Marty Neumeier




art direction, graphic design, Project managing, Packaging design, Communication concepts, Branding and product identity, Project coordination, Creative marketing.

Norway (Oslo) – Philippines (Manila) – Australia (Melbourne)



Want to know more about me?

In my spare time i enjoy building boats, repairing cars and spending time with my family. in 2014 i built a fifty foot boat to live on for my family and I. We still live there to day. Here are some links and article about me, my family and my work.


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